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May 5, 2011


Clicked @Global Fusion, Bandra by Annie.


Nitisha Pande said...

So you've been to Global Fusion? If not the food, review the ambiance please? These glasses make it seem divine. :)

Ice Maiden said...

Hey Nitisha!

The ambiance of the place was very nice. It is quite spacious and clean. Parking might be a problem since its Bandra, but apart from that getting there was easy.

If you are vegetarian then the place is probably not for you - all the veg food was sweet for some reason! :P If you are a seafoodie then its heaven (I am!) and rest of the non vegetarian food was good as well! The dessert was also nice. It has a buffet so there was no issue about quantity. :)


sartorial diary said...

stunning picture!

P i x i e said...

wow.. i really love the tones :)

Ankush Samant said...

Awesome click!