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About Us

Who we are:
Our names are Anita & Shyam, and we started off as office colleagues. We started talking because of an argument - Roger Federar vs. Rafael Nadal - soon we discovered that amongst our many differences we shared a common passion, Photography. To cut a very long story short, we are two people who essentially spend all their time together - either fighting about mundane topics, or making up by turning an ordinary day into a photoshoot. We wouldn't ever be found without our respective cameras & forever seem to be thinking up new ways to jazz up a lazy weekend with a photography excursion.

Anita, better known as Annie, has been writing at her personal blog WhiteLilyz, since 2008. She is a software engineer by degree, marketing executive by job profile, and likes to imagine herself as a photographer / writer by passion. She can get quite melodramatic and uses way too many smileys! :D

Shyam likes only two things in the world - Sachin Tendulkar and his precious Nikon. Unless you are talking about either of them, he wont be listening to you. Yes, thats about it.

About TWM:
The majority of our time is spent taking photographs just about anywhere we go. We believe that, between your Friday and your Monday, often lies what you are truly passionate about in life. For us it went without saying that it was photography. We needed a place to put up every photo that we take and thus 'A Thousand Words & More' was born.

What we use:
Camera: Nikon d80 | Nikon d5000
Lens: Nikkor 50mm f 1.8 | Nikkor 35mm 1.8 | Nikon 18-135mm AF-S
Sometimes, when we aren't Facebooking, Shyam's iPhone / Annie's Blackberry doubles up as a camera too :) 
<< we have an ongoing battle about which is better!

Contact Us:
Have something to tell us? Like something you see? Think something could have been better? Or just want to drop by and say Hi? Email us at and we will gladly reply :)